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what is transparently?
"you must be the change you wish to see in the world"
(mahatma gandhi)

transparently is a communication tracking and management platform, formed with the intention of placing integrity at the heart of all negotiation

transparently produces a continuous, un-editable and intelligent chronology of events; a permanent record of all interaction between two or more individuals  |  most importantly, each of those individuals can be privately and confidentially supported by their own team of experts  |  as circumstances require, these experts could include lawyers, accountants, mediators, mentors, counsellors and others

the transparently service can be applied to all legal negotiation within corporate, commercial and family law  |  typically the platform is able to support contract negotiation, business formation and dissolution, employment contract negotiations, lease agreements and partner negotiations  |  the platform can also be used by professionals and private individuals involved in formal resolution or support processes, such as arbitration, mediation and counselling

all good things have to start somewhere  |  transparently will initially be applied to family law  |  we are passionate about protecting vulnerable people, and about reducing acrimony and conflict wherever possible, within the process of separation and divorce  |  here's why.....

how it all began
"start with what is right, rather than with what is acceptable"
(franz kafka)

please take a look at our video to hear our 'why'  |  thank you

4 minutes


transparently was founded in 2016 by becki cassia and steve stewart, after they both independently experienced their own divorces, following long term marriages to their respective partners


becki has a daughter and steve a son and two daughters from their their previous relationships, ranging in age from 7 to 14 years  |  they have both experienced the difficulties that they and their children faced during separation and divorce, as well as the unexpected impacts of making progress with their lives; of moving forward and as a result of meeting new partners  |  both have been through long periods of dealing with the effects that these events have had on their relationships with their respective former partners

during their separations, both had looked for online sources of help  |  they had searched for websites that may have been able to provide structure to the divorce process; in particular, those that could facilitate constructive and accurate communications  |  specifically, both had sought those services that could enable the legal and other support professionals involved in their cases, to provide advice and support in a timely manner, to reduce the inherent level of conflict and the risk of increasing acrimony

they found very few facilities available in the uk and certainly no centralised means of communication between all of the parties involved  |  realising that so little help was available to them and having met numerous people who were in the same situation, they decided to develop a service to help others

and so, following a chance meeting in a gym and many subsequent conversations and emails, the vision and how it could be achieved technically, all started to make sense and take shape  |  transparently was born

"collaboration, communication, calming emotions, overcoming animosity and possibly, achieving a good working relationship with your former partner; none of these can ever be a bad thing, for at stake is our wellbeing and that of our children  |  we can all experience significant change and emotional trauma in our lives however, we all have the capacity to recover, work together, not intrude and to build a new life  |  one that is happy, full and rewarding  |  we will only achieve the futures that we all desire, for ourselves and for our children, if we communicate respectfully, effectively, constructively and securely"

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