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what is transparently
"the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new"

separation and divorce are tough and life during and afterwards can at times, be extremely difficult


for the individual, navigating the legal process, working out a new day-to-day routine, simply recovering and then rebuilding a life, can all take their toll  |  communication with an ex-partner can easily break down during such stressful times, potentially leading to confusion and conflict, as emotions fluctuate on both sides

by providing services that enable safe, confidential and constructive interaction, transparently helps currently amicable situations, whilst offering difficult relationships a more secure and effective way to communicate

transparently allows each individual to confidentially invite legal and other professionals, to actively support them through every stage of the separation and divorce process  |  transparently enables focussed professional help and advice to be given to clients exactly when they need it, to minimise the risk of any issue escalating and acrimony increasing

so what do we do


transparently restores integrity, by making all communication between a client and their former partner, permanent and visible to their respective solicitors in real-time – giving them back the time to proactively manage any conflict  |  legal professionals are then better able to counsel their clients through the divorce process. Individuals are given a foundation, upon which to rebuild and recover.

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